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08 July 2005 - The O'Reilly Factor - Talking Points - Failure To Deal With The Deadly Enemy

God this guy is an idiot.

"My first thought was al Qaeda trying to disrupt the G-8 summit in Scotland. My second thought was now maybe Europe will wise up. The terrorists are the evildoers, not the USA."

1) If terrorists were trying to disrupt the G-8 summit in Scotland, don't you think they would have... uh?.. attacked Scotland?
2) Terrorists are the evildoers, not the USA? Perhaps you should read up on Thomas Jefferson... according to him, the USA would be the terrorists.

"If all of the anti-U.S. bitterness were redirected into anti- terror bitterness, the world might defeat these savages. We all know which major countries allow terrorists to operate. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and to a lesser extent, Pakistan and Indonesia."

1) anti-US bitterness is anti-terror bitterness, because the US is terrorizing the world, including its own people
2) these savages.. hmm.. savages... from Wikipedia:
tr.v., -aged, -ag·ing, -ag·es.
To assault ferociously.
To attack without restraint or pity: The critics savaged the new play.
*** I guess that would be... the US?
3) We all know terrorists operate in Indonesia? Really? Hmm, all I really knew about them was that they made clove cigarettes, beautiful wood furniture and were completely decimated by tsunamis... Didn't realize they were such a terrorist hotbed. Good thing I have you to educate me.

"Can you believe an American newspaper would print that?"

Bet you didn't know this, but journalists are not supposed to be biased... Of course, you are with Fox News, so you wouldn't know anything about that.

"USA is not the problem in this world. The terrorists are. And if you don't agree with that, you are helping killers like al Zarqawi. Enough's enough. London should be the last straw. And that's 'The Memo.'"

1) USA is the problem. Not the people, in general, but the foreign policies that, contrary to the beliefs this country was founded on, behave more and more like Nazi Germany.
2) The USA Government are the terrorists. Don't believe me? Why don't you take a world-wide poll and see who people are more afraid of?
3) If we don't agree that the "terrorists" are worse than the USA Government, then we are helping killers? Hmmm. Let's think that one through... The USA puts dictators in charge. Said dictators theoretically become corrupt (as if they weren't already by being sponsored by the US Govt). Said dictators, put in power by the US, become "terrorists" and so we go and kill thousands of civilians to take down these people we put in power... I think it is more reasonable to say that O'Reilly himself is the one helping the "killers" like Bush.