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05 April 2006


We just got home.

Did you have a fantastic time? Give details!

Posted by Silver on Tue Apr 04 23:30:00 PDT 2006
Sorry, sent that just before going to bed so that everyone would know we made it back OK. We will post a really long one here soon - but right now, I don't have the time as I started my new job this morning :)

Posted by Malachi on Tue Apr 04 23:51:00 PDT 2006
Did you eat any frogs?

I've been missing net news.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Apr 05 00:03:00 PDT 2006

Unfortunately, no ;)

I will be trying to get a new Net News up as soon as I can.  Right now just trying to get up to speed on my new job.

Posted by Malachi on Wed Apr 05 01:47:00 PDT 2006
Ooooh, I'm soooo glad! It will liven things up a bit here!

Posted by Sarah on Wed Apr 05 07:40:00 PDT 2006