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20 April 2006

News from the Net

Vivid wants to allow you to download and burn their DVDs

Yahoo! is apparently still helping to arrest reporters

For those of you still stuck with LiveJournal, be aware that the new Terms Of Service will get you banned if you block advertisements

An Oregon professor developed a credit-card-sized reactor to convert vegetable oil to biodiesel almost instantaneously

Paint-on Laser bringing us closer to optical computing?

Some new quantum encryption techniques

Wonder what it is like to Work at M$?

If you are looking forward to the new national ID, this might interest you

NASA simulates two merging black holes

The new FCC Commissioner is evidentally clueless since she plans on bullying DRM laws into effect. Idiot.

And how about some notes on the GDrive?

ROCK ON! We all should be using Biodiesel!!!

Posted by Sarah on Thu Apr 20 08:29:00 PDT 2006