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27 April 2006

News from the Net

Mark of the Beast times ;) Starting in 2010, Australians will not be able to get Welfare or Health Services without their National ID card

Did you know that a company holds a patent on treating things such as OCD?

There now appears to be options for bloodless surgery

Micro-Pump PC cooling -- why can't we use a Heat Pump concept to keep the PC at a constant temperature?

This appears to be an interesting data backup method

Apple's new Illuminati-Screen ;)

Don't license M$ Windows, and they will nag you to death

Want an alternative to a wheelchair? How about this one?

So it looks like EOTI may need to come up with a good alternative to the 40-hour work week; we don't want anyone getting RSI

It is now a crime in Oklahoma to sell a violent videogame to someone under 18. Since Mario technically shoots and kills things, or MarioKart runs people off the road -- I guess kids will have to get used to Tamagachi... oh wait, you might be committing animal abuse if you don't check that during class

The Internet2 is getting a new backbone. This is great news since they offered EOTI a free connection to it once we get our lab up and running

Lithium-ion cars get 300 miles on a 5-hour charge?

How about a Neural interface for gaming?

Ok, I didn't see this coming... how about holographic solar collectors?

M$ has finally released a shell that is newer than cmd.exe/ -- I haven't tried it yet. Let me know if you do.

Ok, the reason they wrote this program is much funnier than what the program actually does.

Randomized Instruction Set Emulation? Interesting concept

Wisconsin could be the first state to ban mandatory microchip implants in humans -- however, what good does it do when the Feds are already taking away state sovernity (ie: Feds busting legal Medical Marijuana Patients in California)?

A French Tourist town, Caen, is trying to do away with cash

I can't wait for neural interfacing to be a reality.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Thu Apr 27 09:03:00 PDT 2006