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10 April 2006

Net News

News was reporting that Norovirus been spreading in the area. They specifically mentioned new cases in Beaverton, Vancouver and Salem. 3 people have died in the last week from it.

We've have the first recall of nanotech due to health concerns

Mainstream News is changing their wording to get better search engine results. Why is that important? They are changing witty headlines to be boring to rank higher.

A clockless processor has been developed. Being clockless, it takes no energy when there is no activity, thus extending battery life

Uranus found to have another ring

Step-by-Step Evolution?

Stone-age dentists? Have so say I didn't see that coming

This is awesome... hybrid supercomputer out of junk hardware and vegetable oil

A new proof-of-concept of a cross-platform virus that infects windows and linux