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10 August 2004

No Paycheck?

Well, this sucks. At about 5pm, Dino got home and found no paycheck in our mailbox... Luckily, I got through to the recruiting firm before they closed and found out that I had evidentally made an adding mistake (who would think that would happen after a 46-hour work week plus 8 hours of commute?)... ok, I could understand them wanting to get that fixed first... but... Why didn't they call me Friday went I sent in my paycheck to let me know there was a problem? Or perhaps more realistic, why didn't they call me yesterday?

Yes, that's right, instead of sending me a paycheck yesterday, or calling me to let me know that they were not sending it -- they didn't even realize there was a problem until I called and asked where my check was! They assured me they would figure out what they were going to do and call me back. 2 hours later, no call, and they were no longer answering their phones.

That really sucks. And to top it off, I have already done 21 hours this week (plus 3 hours of commute), and it has only been 2 days... I better be really careful on FRI.