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01 August 2004

Finances and The House

Well, I am a little concerned. We sent mortgage payments on 7/26 (via Their website keeps screwing up our account, so although both the 1st and 2nd mortgage have the same biller/website/paymentAddress, they keep disabling the epay, online bills, and status for the 1st mortgage -- as well as keep sending me emails saying that the password is incorrect... Which is really wierd, since the 2nd mortgage uses the same login information...

Anyways, they sent the 2nd mortgage payment via epay, and the 1st by check (which IMHO is really friggin stupid)... So, though the 2nd got cashed the next day, it has been over a week and the 1st still hasn't been cashed. As of today, that means it is too late to stop foreclosure... My only hope is that they will process the check before charging us $10k in legal fees. If foreclosure does start, or if this happens again, I think I will drop paytrust, though I have been using them for.. what.. 4-5 years now? I just need some place reliable, and it is starting to appear like their service no longer is. When I originally signed up, it was PayMyBills through ETrade -- and I have been having problems and complications with their service ever since they merged. Really sucks, because the concept of the service is great.

Hail Eris!