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07 June 2009

Sensics piSight™ HMD

Now that my Emotiv EPOC is on order, it's time to go for the other half of the equation... I've been wanting the Sensics piSight HMD for 3 years now and I think it would make an excellent addition to the EPOC.

Here's the current stats from their product page:
Panoramic field of view (82° to 180°, depending on model) provides situational awareness, active peripheral vision and enhanced realism
High resolution: Most models offer better than HD 1080p resolution, with up to 4200x2400 full-color pixels per eye
A balanced design that is comfortable and stays cool.
Over 30 models to choose from, offering the perfect fit for most performance and budget requirements
When I talked with Jim Bradford 2 years ago, the stats were a bit different.
It costs $30k+; half down rest in 3 months
Recommended 3 PNY (nVidia) FX4500 [X2 means 4 outputs]
which would drive the 12 screens (if outputs in 2400x600 mode)

Now it seems that it can be driven from 1 or 2 DVI inputs. I'll need to check back with Jim to see if I can get an upgraded recommendation on video cards and costs.