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17 June 2009

Emotiv shipping

I was curious when my headset was going to arrive, so I emailed them. In case any of the rest of you are wondering, notice the highlighted bit from their response.
Dear Malachi,

Thank you for licensing the Emotiv SDK.

Licensing of the Emotiv SDK

As a developer or researcher, the process for licensing the Standard Edition of the Emotiv SDK is as follows:

1. Select the Emotiv SDK and click on the "Buy Now" button.

2. Provide us with your shipping address. Our worldwide shipping rate for the SDK headset is $24.95. The SDK headset can be shipped to an address other than your billing address.

3. Follow the checkout process with PayPal to complete your order.

4. Once payment is successfully processed, the Emotiv SDK will be available for immediate download. An order confirmation email will be sent to you providing you with your unique order number and serial key, required for installation of the Emotiv SDK.

The Emotiv SDK is a proprietary software toolkit that exposes the Emotiv APIs and detection libraries. It includes EmotivControlPanel.exe, EmoComposer.exe, EmoKey.exe, header files and import libraries, and sample code. The EmoComposer & EmoKey is a hardware emulator that will enable you to commence immediate development for the headset.

5. The SDK headset will ship approximately 10 weeks later to enable you to fully test your application.

When we charge your account, we will charge you for the price of the product, any applicable taxes and shipping to the address provided at the time of order.

Please note that Emotiv does not offer refunds on Electronic Software Downloads. Click here for our Returns & Refunds Policy.

We will send you a tracking number in due course.

Emotiv Customer Service Team
Emotiv Systems Inc.