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09 October 2008

Motorcycle update

So I got my permit today.

I was noticing on pg 49 of the Motorcycle Manual that there is a little line by the starting point that says "More than 500cc". Well, since my is almost 1600cc, I think maybe I should figure out what I am supposed to be doing differently before I get all stressed out trying to complete the weave.

I asked the Beaverton DMV and they said they weren't sure but that it looked like maybe bigger bikes skip the first cone. They suggested calling Sherwood DMV and asking them.

Sherwood DMV looked over the picture and said that they think it means the bigger bikes make a bigger U-Turn at the end of the course. She also repeatedly told me that I have a better chance of passing the test on a smaller bike. She said it would be very hard to do the cone weave on a bigger bike.

Good thing I have a year to practice on the permit, huh?