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14 October 2008

Memorial Spaceflights

I have been talking about wanting this for a long time, and it is finally available.  Well, not quite. I would rather be sent out into space rather than have some of my cremated remains sent out.  While the lowest package is only $695, I think I would rather have the Deep Space package:
Module Option (One participant, 7g)
Standard Service $25,000
Preferred Service $39,990
(please call for more information about preferred level service)

  • Launches seven grams of cremated remains, first priority, into deep space;

  • Invitation to launch and memorial services: pre-launch briefings, personal meeting and dinner with an astronaut, launch tour (when available);

  • A custom, individualized, professionally produced DVD of the launch and memorial activities;

  • Complimentary scattering of balance of remaining cremated remains at sea near the launch site;

  • Inscription of the participant’s name and message on the flight module;

  • Personalized Online Memorial, including a biography (one page — 500 words, one photo, five video and five audio clips, online Guest Book messages) placed on the Celestis Web site (additional photos are available);

  • Framed post-launch certificate;

  • Memorial urn;

  • Memorial plaque, with replica of the flight module, suitable for display in home or office;

  • Performance assurance — in the event the mission is not successful, you will have the option for a priority re-flight, at no additional cost, on the next scheduled Space Services Inc. Voyager Service launch.

Hmmm... maybe with some DNA samples :)