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18 August 2007

Political entanglements

So once again it appears that certain people are saying you are either Republican or Liberal. In actuality, both Republican and Democrats are conservative (two sides of the same coin, really). The various liberal parties aren't legally allowed to win presidential elections at the moment.

But just to clarify for those of you fogged into propaganda, here's the first sentence in Wikipedia for each entry:

Conservatism is a term used to describe political philosophies that favor tradition and gradual change, where tradition refers to religious, cultural, or nationally defined beliefs and customs.

Liberalism refers to a broad array of related ideas and theories of government that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal.

So, you want an easy way to tell the difference? If they put "freedom of speech" at the top of the list, they are liberals (or constitutionalist). If they put "family values" (ie: status quo) at the top of the list, they are conservatives.