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27 August 2007

News from the Net

In case anyone actually missed it, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned. And Karl Rove.

Advances in neutrino research.

Gamma rays from thunderclouds?

Oooh. Apartheid and AT&T in the same paragraph...

Your face is all over the youtube.

NASA to put more images and films online.

Opus comic about Islam withheld from American papers.

Content-aware resizing? I took a look at the YouTube demo and I have to say that I am highly impressed.

Hehe. This is the best hacking news I have heard in quite some time.

You remember the concept of sexual harassment? How do you file suit against a monkey?


Well that's a new twist on a hydrogen battery... it is sugar-based.

Oooh... better displays :) And bigger ones. Or 3D ones.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has decided that their scientists and engineers can't talk to reporters on the record.

Newest bionic arm emulates muscles. Or how about a rocket-powered one?

Sit at coffee for an hour and someone else may drive away with your car.

Hmmm. White House Crowd Control Manual - for helping you learn how to quiet dissenters.

Evanescent Lasers huh?

WOW! They can now drug test an entire city AT ONCE!

You want to see a snippet of the future? If German game companies leave Germany over too restrictive laws, I doubt highly that American companies that are so good at leaving the country would do any less.

Ooh. QuantumRAM. was hacked. User info stolen.

60% improvements in solar using nanotech.

Scientists have now genetically changed the species of one bacterium to another.

Now copyright assholes are saying you can't DELETE stuff from your own machine without breaking the DMCA.

64-core CPU coming out of a new MIT startup.

It took an Oregonian to start a class-action lawsuit against the RIAA.

In an effort to defraud the public once again, Diebold Election Systems renamed themselves to Premier Election Systems. Hey Diebold, er Premier - we still don't want your trash.

Since when have we decided that 9th graders should have their whole life planned out? Are we going to let them start smoking/drinking/voting?

DNA Vaccines to cure MS, excema and Chron's

Bone hormone related to diabetes and obesity?

Voltron on the big screen!

Oooh can I have a dolphin flipper too?

Zero-gravity managed on Earth.

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