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28 October 2004

Slashdot | New Hominid Species Unearthed in Indonesia

Over time, we see that what used to be known as Science Fiction later becomes Science Fact.

In the last few years, we keep seeing examples where mythological/folklore creatures are found to be true as well. (Anyone remember that Xandu-like "deer" they found a couple years ago that had been thought to be local folklore until they found a live one?)

And now, it appears that perhaps High Fantasy stories have a basis in reality as well... Hobbit-sized species of humans? This isn't just midgets or something -- from what they are saying, it is a completely different species that existed alongside with humans! They mention that it is the first known case of dwarfism. They were found in a limestone cave with tools and bones of prehistoric miniature elephants and giant lizards... Come on D&D fans -- let's start exploring!