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08 September 2009


So yesterday, I went to buy a pack of cloves.  7-11 was out and said that they didn't get any in their shipment.  I went to Pauls' Cigars, and he said that they can't get them anymore; all they can get is the new clove cigars (see pic).  I bought a pack and halfway through the first one went over to Timber Valley Tobacco.  She said people have been calling for a couple days asking if they had any cloves left.  She's a clove smoker too, so asked me to step outside and try the two she still had in stock and let her know which one to buy.  She ended up giving me a pack of Splash (free) since they tasted a little better than the others.  She said that the are required (federal) to get rid of all their stock by the 22nd.  No more vanilla, cherry, clove, etc.  Well, except Menthol is allowed -- I mean come on, Phillip Morris isn't stupid enough to hurt their own revenue stream.

I have come to two conclusions from this... 1) The US Govt just created a brand new black market. Yay us.  2) As of the 22nd, marijuana is more legal than cloves.

Now, for those of you thinking "well good riddance smokers" let me show you why we like cloves so much.  This is from Djarum's website:
Djarum Kretek recipe

Casing Flavour compound:
(per 100 parts tobacco)

maple sweet: 0.2
chocolate: 0.2
licorice: 0.4
plum casing: 0.3
coffee: 0.35
dried nangka: 0.35
dried fruit: 0.15
total casing flavours: 1.95

the casing flavours are water-soluble and suspended in:
humectants: 0.7
invert sugar: 0.5
water: 5

Top Flavour Compound (Top Dressing):
Havana: 0.8
Manila: 0.4
Strawberry: 0.3
Pineapple: 0.35
Pisang ambon: 0.25
Clove enhancer: 0.25
Pruimen: 0.05
Aniseed oil: 0.3
Cassia extract: 0.3
Salak cider: 0.1
Vanilla: 0.2
Orange: 0.25
Total top flavours: 3.55

A top-secret sauce containing, among other things: