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28 May 2009


As many of you know, I have a tendency to have way too many projects. I decided I needed to do something about that.  I remember using the old java-based mind mappers to solve this problem in the past, so I thought I would try one of those out.  I have also had multiple machines die on me and loose my data recently, so I decided I wanted a hosted one.  Cheap is good, free is better -- but... it has to be able to work for me.

So I started looking around.

I found a high level overview of options here

This place had a detailed list of options here

And now some really quick (and most likely unfair reviews):
looks really good. very easy to use.
unfortunately doesn't have 1 feature I require -- crosslinking
all the reviews said it was unreliable and they lost data, so no go
didn't work
looked nice but was kinda annoying
took 4 tries to get it to let me edit the text in a box
linked 1 node to 2 cousin nodes and the arrows disappeared behind them
the "try it live" had editing disabled so couldn't test it
have to register to try it, so didn't do either
pretty.  nice connecting links.
kinda annoying.  try to move a couple nodes closer to each other and they
kept jumping off the page. seems impossible to move an element further away --
ie: using their demo, I dragged a new link to the other side of that huge
section on the left and there was no way to place it without it disconnecting
from the center and reconnecting over there.
best ui so far - but also most buggy
the demo on the front page didn't have the same ui problem... but functionality
was fairly limited in it so I was unable to attempt cross-linking
I was going to skip this one by since I'd have to sign up to test it... but since
they are just down the street from me, might as well try it...
Overall pretty simple to use. I've submitted a few suggestions already. Overall,
I'd say doable.  So I am trying this one.