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22 May 2009

Fraudulent Company: American General Finance

Last year, I bought some furniture from America: The Beautiful Dreamer. I signed up for the payment plan through American General Finance. I told them to send all my bills to my billing address, and scheduled weekly payments until it was paid off. They never did send any bills to my billing address.

Feb 6th, the billpay service sent the last payment as it was paid in full.

April 2nd, I got a bill stating that I still owed $95. That didn't seem correct, since I doubt Intuit is incapable of calculating when the bill was paid off, but didn't want to deal with it so I sent it. They received it on April 3rd.

Mid May, their telemarketing department contacted me, told me I was such a great customer and that they wanted my business back. They offered me a $10k loan. I turned it down.

I had been getting a lot of calls from 812-475-4018 that kept hanging up as I answered. On May 22nd, I finally got tired of it and tried calling the number back. I got ahold of American General Finance's collections department who told me I owed another $106 because I had not paid the loan in full by mid March. I argued quite awhile with the rep, then asked to speak to a manager.

The manager kept saying things like "We won't work with 3rd party billpay services" and "Well, of course we will cash their checks". She said it was my fault I didn't get and open every bill from them, even though they refused to send them to the billing address.

In the end I told them I would send them their money and if anyone from their company ever contacted me again, I would file a complaint with the FBI and sue them for fraud and harassment. She tried to tell me that their telemarketing department might still call me and try to sell me service, and I repeated that if *anyone* from their company contacted me again.

NEVER trust this company because of their unethical business practices, spamming and scam-like behaviors:

American General Finance

Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 54770
Los Angeles , CA 900540770

Phone number:1-800-453-2017