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20 April 2009

Industry gets hosed

Well, it appears that bloatware Oracle has decided to purchase Sun. Not sure what that is going to mean for Java or OpenSolaris, but it probably doesn't bode well for DarkStar considering Oracle's statement:

"Phillips described Sun's software revenue streams as 'mice nuts,' quote unquote, compared to the rest of the Oracle product line," Rymer said. "Not interesting, not interesting at all."

Phillips was referencing Sun open-source software projects such as MySQL (database), GlassFish (Java application server), the Java identity authentication software franchise, the NetBeans software tools, and several others.

"Oracle, however, might decide to keep the identity software -- that's really good," Rymer said. "What'll happen is that these projects will revert back into the open-source world, they'll live or die there, and we'll see how good this stuff really is."