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09 August 2005

A World of Warcraft World

He brings up some interesting points... I will try to highlight some of it here, as well as grab some comments that make me laugh.

Wouldn't those long Calculus lectures have been easier to sit through if, every time you learned something important, gold light shot out from your body?

That's good. That would have been awesome.

Instead of quoting all of section #3, let me just say I had honestly not thought about it like that. Very interesting perspective.

Section #4 is similar... The point about Square buying Enix does point out the validity.

most manufacturing and farming and manual labor will be done with robots at this point, or, as I predict, genetically-engineered land dolphins

Genetically-engineered land dolphins? hmmm... interesting... what is he smoking?

a guy can't get a girl pregnant from 100 miles away unless he's, you know, me