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22 August 2005

Verizon FIOS/VADI-West

Well, called 'Verizon Encore' (888-991-4999). Notes from the call:
currently no cost to sign up
they believe we can use our own isp with fios
speeds up to... not gauranteed...
$39.95 5/2
$49.95 15/2
$199.95 30/5
I don't know who he is, but saw a comment online about a business FIOS guy named Jarod at 888-991-5999. Haven't tried calling him.

Also tried to call Verizon Online to find out about the status of my line (see if they have ever upgraded that 26 gauge wire)...
The department (Verizon Advanced Data 877-483-5899) only provides the signal, not the line or service. Verizon offers the line, but not the signal or service. Verizon Online offers the service, but not the line or signal. Not only do they 'not offer' this or that, but know nothing about it and require that you call someone else. A few tidbits I did pick up....
1) Verizon Online accidentally said that 'VADI-West' was a separate company before catching herself
2) VADI-West said 'Verizon' was a separate company after getting upset that I called them VADI-West
3) Line = phone number
4) Circuit = 38.ACGJ.393728..VADI
5) 10000' from CO