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09 August 2005

..|.. » EQ2: The Dogs Duping Days Cont… ..|.. Where Only the Wrong Survive

Interesting account. some of the funnier comments....

That’s when the money started pouring in. Rediculous money. Money that made me so scared I went and consulted with a lawyer and an accountant. Needless to say, neither of them had a clue as to what the hell we were talking about. Try telling your accountant you’re making money by selling pieces of gold in a video game. You’ll get a good 20 seconds of them just straring at you and blinking. Throw the words “swords” and “dragons” into the conversation, with a thick and fake english accent, just for giggles. Bonus points if you can say “WE RESCUED THE MAIDEN FROM THE BALDUVIAN ORC MASTER FOR THE WIN,” with a straight face.

there was mass complaints of inflation. Where was all this money coming from, why were the prices set so high? Who was inflating the market. People were pointing fingers left and right. “He sells his spells too high!” “He buys up all the bone chips and then marks them higher!” etc etc. I had to admit, it gave me a giggle. I felt like the Illuminati, pulling economic strings from behind the scenes.

The exact total of what I profited is not important. Just know it’s more than some people make in a year…hell..maybe 3 years, and it was enough to take my girlfriend and entire family on a vacation to Paris.