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11 August 2005

Genetic Programming via Language-Oriented Progamming?

While reading through the articles on genetic algorithms and more specifically on genetic programming,
I started wondering if there might be a better approach utilizing the Language-Oriented Programming...

What would a language tailored to genetic algorithms look like? Would there be a keyword to identify a fitness
function? Would there be any advantage over a GA API?

What if we consider that the goal of the program is to evolve... so that the program you write is just a starting
point... what if the whole point to a genetic programming domain-language is designed around the idea that the code
itself will be redesigned BY the code? Does that make any difference? Is there some way that the entire compile step
could be completely eliminated -- or perhaps JITd and never actually compiled manually?

If we consider that the LOP are basically tree structures, and genetic programming is usually done via editing tree
structures, it would make sense that LOP might be a good approach to genetic programming... Or perhaps the LOP itself
is what is getting designed automatically...

I will have to think about this more.