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17 February 2005

Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates: Subscriptions

I am thinking I should quit this game. But they say no refunds and I prepaid for 1 year for me and my wife.

Here's my post on their forum:

When I prepaid a year for me and my wife on this game, we did it with the intention of becoming merchants. I did not, and do not, have any interest in pillaging.

The changes in the last 4 months have made it pointless to play. Where I used to be signed in all day every day, I am now considering quitting YPP and will discourage anyone else from joining.

The foraging changes made it much more difficult for new players to get started, but we finally managed to do it.

After awhile of not being able to keep up on the rent (had all 6 stalls on Epsilon), we decided it would be better to move our stalls to a cheaper island.

We spent about a week moving all but the ship stall to Beta. We lost about 1/3rd our commodities in transit. That sucked, but we would recover.

As we went to move the last stall, we noticed that it was all of a sudden much higher cost at Beta than at Epsilon, even though they had 1/10th the population. Not only that, but there is no possible way we can afford the startup cost for a new ship stall on Beta. That in itself is very disappointing, because you now have to be rich to start a stall -- thus eliminating the possibility of new players getting into shopkeeping.

What to do? Looking at the 30k/week/island rent for our stalls at Epsilon and Beta, it isn't worth it. What is the point in playing if pillaging bores you?

Guess there isn't one. Even if we did manage to raise enough money to do the shopkeeping thing, I am sure that more changes will come in the next month or two to make it even less desirable.

And, as a closing sidenote, why do all the islands pay the same rent when they all have their own governments? Not very realistic approach.