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28 February 2005

FSF - Stallman calls for action on Free BIOS

"But once in a while the manufacturer suggests installing another BIOS, which is available only as an executable. This, clearly, is installing a non-free program--it is just as bad as installing Microsoft Windows, or Adobe Photoshop, or Sun's Java Platform. As the unethical practice of installing another BIOS executable becomes common, the version delivered inside the computer starts to raise an ethical problem issue as well."

You know, this prick is probably the reason no one likes GPL. Ok, ok -- I know that most of my friends idolize this man, but fucking A. Installing Java is not an unethical practice. Contrary to the tripe he constantly dribbles out, it is open-source. Just because we don't like virii like GPL does not make it closed-source. Fucking prick.