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27 July 2004

New Job: Sharp R&D Lab

Those of you who know me know that the last 8 months of so have been kinda stressful, what with being unemployed and all.

Starting tomorrow, I will be doing a month-long contract at Sharp Electronics R&D Lab in Camas, WA.  I am technically a "Programmer Analyst" for them, but basically will be helping work out some Java bugs for their new Aquos LCD TV [I think that is the right one].  Probably won't be adding much detail about that position, as I will be signing the NDA tomorrow.  Hopefully, all will work out well and they will want me to help on their next project... Personally, I just like having their R&D Lab on my resume [TBD], I think it looks good.

Well, Dino is home, so I am going to go spend some time with her.