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04 August 2009

News from the Net

In a blow to the DIY and hardware hackers out there (isn't that how most people get started in electronics?) a man now faces 10 years in prison for modifying console game hardware.  This gets back to my view that if I buy it it's mine and I can do whatever the hell I want with it.  Sure, I may void the warranty, but 10 years in prison?

An inventor came up with an alternative to bifocal lenses.

xkcd is being released in book form.

Back to the Future III -- here we come.

Someone tried to plant a fake ATM at Defcon.  Of course, the DoD and USAF were there to recruit people.  Maybe that is so you can work for IBM.

Oooh! Ohh! I soooo want to do this! You can send up your own satellite for $8000.  Is it OK if my satellite accidentally decides to turn and take off into the solar system???

You know how every other commercial on TV is that Cash for Clunkers bit? You know the one - where Toyota for example brags how 25 of their cars qualify for the Clunker discount.  Anyways, looks like the program ran out of money and is being suspended -- so don't let them fast talk you into signing anyway.

If you live in the UK, it looks like the government may be putting cameras into your home so they can enforce that your kids eat right and go to bed on time. 

Looks like the electric company wants to take away the $17/mo advantage I would get by installing a $45000 solar panel system.

Some recent proof that the DoJ cronies from the RIAA are now in control.

How about a car for the blind?

Cyberpunk anyone? Oh wait, this time it is Monsters.

Some more proof that the patent office should be abolished... Someone just patented podcasting.

Hmmm, is this the OK to not follow the rules?  Wouldn't that then be following the rules in itself? So...

Sea route through the Arctic is now open for business.

Sun's entire JRuby team is quitting.