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17 July 2009

News from the Net

I know, I know... some of you (ahem, Will) feel that I have been shirking my duty to distill the latest news to you on a regular basis.... I'm working on it ;)

Creativity Potentially Linked To Schizophrenia

Gene Causes Memory Loss Before Age 60

For boys who had been through the juvenile justice system, compared to boys with similar histories without judicial involvement, the odds of adult judicial interventions increased almost seven-fold

A breakthrough in OLED technology that reduces the ultra-thin lights' energy consumption by 75%

A radioprotectant that all but eliminates acute radiation sickness even in cases of lethal doses of radiation in tests on rats and monkeys, when injected up to 72 hours after exposure.

Pull out your 3d glasses (the red/blue ones not the polarized clear ones) and start doing some home movies :)

Scuba divers off the Californian city of San Diego are being menaced by large numbers of jumbo squid.

Developing ultrasound blasts to disrupt enemy sonar may sound more like a submarine arms race than animal evolution. But, believe it or not, some moths have done just that to evade hungry bats

For those of you with kids in the Beaverton area, Party in the Park returns Saturday, July 25

South Africans plan to set aside 67 minutes of their time in community service as a symbolic tribute to anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela on his 91st birthday

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