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03 December 2008

News from the Net

I know many of you miss my daily News from the Net.... Well, since I am waiting for a server to install, I'll go ahead and post a few tidbits for you :)

Mad Scientist Brings Back Dead With "Deanimation"

TSA Replacing Metal Detectors With Brain Scans

Visual Hallucinations Are a Normal Grief Reaction

Sci Fi Channel orders 'Battlestar' prequel 'Caprica'

Hawaii Endorses Plan for Electric Cars

For all the 2012 conspiracies: US report predicts nuclear or biological attack by 2013

And now for something completely different... how about some local news?

This kinda makes me glad I didn't accept their job a few years ago... Layoff watch: Sage Software

In case you missed it the other day, my Jack-in-the-Box was hit.

If you remember that little race car track on Cascade, expect it to be replaced with yet another car lot.

Diet change cured autism