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01 August 2008

Lost Contact

Over the years I have lost contact with quite a few people. Some of them I have managed to reconnect with (mostly through MySpace) and many I have yet to figure out how to locate.  On the off chance that one of them may do a Google search for themselves and come across my page mentioning them, I will list a few people here that I would like to make contact with again...

  • Jeff Baxter - he was the assistant manager at Castle in Medford when we moved to Portland together. Worked for Stream for awhile.
  • Juliana - she used to do spoken word at the Ohm in Portland back in 1999 or so. She used to live in an apartment down the street from Castle.
  • Kathy Tiffee - my first girlfriend back in 7th/8th grade in Alturas
  • Kari Tibbedeaux - dear friend of mine from Redding that moved to Portola
  • Jenny Abeloe - my girlfriend when I graduated from SOU and when I moved to Portland