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17 May 2005

NewsForge | Free Software Foundation and team up to escape Java trap

I know that many of my close friends respect and idolize Stallman, but this guy is really starting to piss me off. He acts like a Medieval Pope, trying to convert everyone to his more restrictive religion even if he has to lie to do it.

The main thoughts I got reading the article:
1) Idiots, Java is free. Just because it is not GPL does not make it free. Apache has as much say about the Java platform as Sun. It is NOT Proprietary.
2) GPL is not free -- it takes rights away from the developers. I have less rights with my own code under GPL than I do under BSD or MIT or Apache. GPL is a virus that prevents the world from switching to all public domain software.
3) Because of #1 and #2, the articles comment is total bullshit:
Sun has a history of alternately supporting and damning free and open source software (FOSS). For instance, while CEO Scott McNealy has called Sun a "heavy contributor" to open source ... has heavily criticized the GNU General Public Licence.
Well, duh, every free software license out there is better than GPL, including the JCP.